Helpful AngularJS Resources

I’ve been working with AngularJS for over a year and for every good resource I find I feel like I’ve found 3 bad ones which confuse the living shit out of me. Below are some resources which I’ve found indispensable.


Wow! I can’t sing the praises of this toolkit loud enough. I can’t live with out my AngularUI Bootstrap.


I always look forward to this weekly mailing. A wonderful curation of everything Angular


A must have for any AngularJS dev. Well written. Constantly updated. Dense with valuable content. Buy it now


A bit fast sometimes for me but these gents sure know what they’re talking about. They’ve helped me grok complex concepts for AngularJS and JavaScript. I loved the data modeling course.

Shaping Up with AngularJS

Code School is the best at interactive learning. I highly recommend this course for beginners. Level up your dev skills and sign up for everything. You won’t regret it.


A wonderful scaffolding tool that use to get the ngPartyStarted.

ng-conf videos

I visit these videos from time to time for inspiration. Pimp My Plane, Promise and Protractor e2e are my favs.

Personal CSS Practices

For me the first step on the path from designer to developer was to fully grasp CSS. It’s a beautiful language that I truly love and like most web technologies there are ton of ways to do the same thing. Below are some of my personal css practices. Please don’t expect a master list of everything that you should or shouldn’t do when writing CSS. I feel that Google locked this down with their HTML/CSS Style Guide which I absolutely love and follow, as best as I can, to a tee.


Knowing where I need to look for a property that I need to edit makes it that much easier to do what I need todo faster. Alphabetizing does this perfectly. But what’s a dev todo with vendor specific prefixes? I go with order of importance.

-webkit, -moz, -ms, -o, etc.


Personally I can’t stand Arial or Book Antiquta. Blantant font rip offs really piss me off. When declaring my font family I purposely avoid both.

  • When inheriting code I try my best to stick with what the previous dev used, if it doesn’t suck.
  • I’m a fan of k-a-b-a-b dashes for my css classes and ids
  • Using classes vs. ids

Most importantly I never stop reading, learning and writing CSS.

Further Reading