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Helpful AngularJS Resources

I’ve been working with AngularJS for over a year and for every good resource I find I feel like I’ve found 3 bad ones which confuse the living shit out of me. Below are some resources which I’ve found indispensable.


Wow! I can’t sing the praises of this toolkit loud enough. I can’t live with out my AngularUI Bootstrap.


I always look forward to this weekly mailing. A wonderful curation of everything Angular


A must have for any AngularJS dev. Well written. Constantly updated. Dense with valuable content. Buy it now


A bit fast sometimes for me but these gents sure know what they’re talking about. They’ve helped me grok complex concepts for AngularJS and JavaScript. I loved the data modeling course.

Shaping Up with AngularJS

Code School is the best at interactive learning. I highly recommend this course for beginners. Level up your dev skills and sign up for everything. You won’t regret it.


A wonderful scaffolding tool that use to get the ngPartyStarted.

ng-conf videos

I visit these videos from time to time for inspiration. Pimp My Plane, Promise and Protractor e2e are my favs.

fauverismHelpful AngularJS Resources